Livelihood Assistance Program (LAP)

Under this program, OSDI aims to empower the under-privileged communities to improve their present living conditions. The primary purpose of this program is to alleviate poverty by increasing the income and saving potential of rural households through a process that integrates best agriculture farming and livestock rearing practices in the field with micro-credit.

OSDI finances loans to beneficiaries and trains them about modern agriculture techniques to improve their crop yields and increase the crop produce. Similarly, livestock animals are being given to beneficiaries on micro-credit and trainings are provided for their better handling. Micro-loans are also available for the educated youth within the focus communities to start small businesses that can create diverse sources of non-farming income.

Under the Livelihood Assistance Program, OSDI has three approaches:

1) Agriculture Development Project (ADP)

2) Livestock DevelopmentProject (LDP)

3) Small Rural Enterprises Project (SREP)



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